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Sweet Surrender

King’s Trace is run by ruthless criminals, but this made man is no match for a woman scorned.


The men in my life think I owe them.

My father, his associates, the mafia. Everyone has a debt to collect, and somehow that burden falls to me.

I’m being forced into a loveless marriage to pay off my father’s debts when the capo of the Montalto outfit intervenes with an offer I can’t refuse: his hand in exchange for protection.

But I’m not the one who needs protecting.


The men in my life value loyalty to our family over everything.

I’m supposed to, but my dark heart has a mind of its own.

My offer to marry Caroline is half-hearted; I set my eyes on the beautiful nymph and want her for myself.

I want to use her. Break her.

Turns out, someone else beat me to it.

Now all I want is her heart.


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