Frequently Asked Questions

Is Promises and Pomegranates a standalone?

- Yes. There is a prequel available to download for free under the bonus content section of my website, and some people have found it to be a good companion to the book, but it is not necessary to read beforehand.

How old is Elena?

- 20 years old. It's not ever specifically stated in P&P, but it is in the prequel, Sweet Sin.

Where can I find Promises and Pomegranates bonus content?

- All bonus material (the prequel, the extended epilogue, and the bonus chapter of Kal & Elena’s first time) can be found here:

Will we get another Kal and Elena book?

- No. While I won't ever say no to more bonus content (if/when it comes to me), their story wraps up in Promises and Pomegranates and I refuse to mess with their well-earned HEA. The same sentiment generally extends to my other books, as well.

How is Promises and Pomegranates a Hades & Persephone retelling when it has nothing to do with the mythology?

- Though I wrote the book in the mindset of a retelling, I don't market this book as such. In fact, it's in both the blurb and author note that it's not a literal retelling. However, the entire story and concept, from the characters to the framework of the plot/setting/symbolism, is heavily steeped in the original mythology, of which I have been an avid reader and fan of for over a decade. It's an extended metaphor from the mythology, though yes, it does not directly correlate to the myth.

What is the reading order of your books?

- All of my books are interconnected standalones, with the exception of co-writes (complete standalones). I write within the same universe, so characters are always overlapping, but you can read in any order.

The official chronological order is as follows:
Kings Trace Antiheroes series:
1. Sweet Surrender
2. Sweet Solitude
3. Sweet Sacrifice

Monsters & Muses series:
1. Promises and Pomegranates
2. Vipers and Virtuosos
3. Oaths and Omissions

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