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  • Is Promises and Pomegranates a standalone?
    Yes, however, there is a prequel now available on Amazon that gives a little (emphasis on a little) extra context into Kal and Elena's relationship. I do recommend reading it before Promises and Pomegranates, but it is absolutely not necessary too. It is just a nice companion. Download it here (read with Kindle Unlimited): Starting in September 2024, the print editions of Sweet Sin will be bound in with P&P. The print version of Sweet Sin will not return.
  • How old is Elena in Promises and Pomegranates?
    20. Though her age is never explicitly stated in Promises and Pomegranates, it is in Sweet Sin (the prequel), and the cocktail party in which Elena famously first approached Kal and propositioned him at is referenced in P&P as having happened "years ago" (chapter 35). She loses her virginity to him on her 20th birthday, and when he returns 8 weeks later, P&P begins.
  • Will we get another book for *insert couple*?
    All of my books up to now are written as standalones, and I don't mess with the well-earned HEAs. So, it's very doubtful that I would add a second book for a couple, unless I initially planned for it to be that way (i.e., a dependent series or duet). Bonus content is always possible, though, and you see many characters again in other books.
  • What is the reading order for your books?
    - All of my books are interconnected standalones, with the exception of co-writes (complete standalones). I write within the same universe, so characters are always overlapping, but you can read in any order. The official chronological order is as follows: Kings Trace Antiheroes series: 1. Sweet Surrender 2. Sweet Solitude 3. Sweet Sacrifice Monsters & Muses series: 0.5. Sweet Sin (Kal and Elena) 1. Promises & Pomegranates (Kal and Elena) 2. Vipers & Virtuosos (Aiden and Riley) 3. Oaths & Omissions (Jonas and Lenny) 4. Arrows & Apologies (Alistair and Cora) 5. Souls & Sorrows (Cash and Ariana) 6. Liars & Liaisons (Violet and Grayson) Standalones (not connected to the KTA/M&M universe in any way): Be Still My Heart
  • Will the rest of your books come to audio?
    All of my currently published books have audio versions. You can find them on Audible.
  • Will Violet, Stella, or Palmer get a book?
    Violet - Liars & Liaisons Stella - Stolen Vows (ebook release Feb. 2025) At this time, I have no plans for a Palmer book.
  • Is the 6th Monsters & Muses book really the last?
    As of right now, yes. I have no plans to continue the series beyond book 6, but never say never! Stranger things have happened.
  • Where can I order signed copies of your books?
    Currently, the only place to get signed copies are via giveaways or signing events.
  • What signings will you be attending in the future?
    In 2024: Book Bash (Lexington, KY) Check the Signings & Events page for more info & the ticket/pre-order links.
  • Will your books be translated into other languages?
    Several translations are already in the works! Available in Italian Italian (Monsters & Muses Books 0.5-3) Portuguese (Promises and Pomegranates) German (Promises and Pomegranates) Dutch (King's Trace Books 1-3) Italian (Monsters & Muses Books 4-6) Languages coming soon Russian (Monsters & Muses Books 1-3) Dutch (Promises and Pomegranates) German (Monsters & Muses 2-6) Polish (Monsters & Muses Books 1-5)
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